Orchid Insanity -Miltoniopsis Sun Glow ‘Amazing’ – Fragrant Blooms Easy to Grow, White Flowers, Pansy Orchid Seedling Size Offered. NOT in Bloom/Bud When Shipped


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Miltoniopsis (not to be confused with the closely-related Miltonia, but you will be confused anyways, just like we all are), produces flowers that look a lot like pansies, and hence are known as the “pansy orchid”. That’s where the similarity ends. While you can find pansies growing in gardens, lawns, Home Depot, and even cracks in the pavement (see the Wikipedia entry for a fine example), most Miltonias are cherished members of fine orchid collections. Miltonias come from Central and South America, where there are only a handful of known naturally occurring species. Breeders have taken this limited palette, however, and produced some fantastic Miltoniopsis varieties with rich colors and patterns. Of course, equally attractive is this pure white variety, Miltoniposis Sun Glow ‘Amazing’. Its virginal white blooms are lovely, and strongly fragrant! We’re offering seedling-sized plants in 2″ square pots; they’re about two years from reaching blooming size. Miltoniopsis are cooler-growing orchids, but must be kept from temps below 45 F. Avoid overwatering and underwatering, and keep relative humidity at least in the 60% range or higher. Leaves are thin and burn easily, so shady conditions are best. PLEASE NOTE: these are seedling-sized plants about 18 – 24 months from Blooming Size. They are NOT in bloom when shipped.


  • WINTER SHIPPING NOTICE: We ship from CA. If you’re in a northern state or cold area, PLEASE select the 72-hour heat pack option (incl upgrade to USPS Priority), or your plant may FREEZE in transit! (You only need ONE heat pack per order.) Orders over $50 get a free heat pack (if needed). If you don’t select the heat pack option, we may not be able to ship your plant until warmer weather. We are NOT responsible for cold weather damage for plants ordered WITHOUT a heat pack.
  • EASY to grow indoors, or outdoors in non-freezing zones. Avoid temps below 50 F, and it will do well! Lovely floral fragrance from pure white flowers!
  • FAST GROWER, EASY TO BLOOM, excellent for orchid beginners (and everyone else!).
  • HOW TO GROW–LIGHT: bright, shady conditions. Avoid direct sun. WATER: 2X/week. MEDIA/SOIL: New Zealand Sphagnum Moss is excellent, as is well-draining bark mix. FERTILIZER: balanced fertilizer every two weeks. TEMPERATURE: 50 deg F – 95 deg F; keep well watered and misted when very hot. Avoid freezing!
  • PLEASE LOOK CAREFULLY AT PHOTOS to get an idea of size! There is a pen or coin in each picture as a size reference. Photo is representative of plant you will receive. Plants will be shipped potted in high-grade New Zealand Sphagnum Moss or orchid bark, both of which are excellent mediafor growing many orchids. IMPORTANT: PLANTS ARE NOT IN BUD/BLOOM WHEN SHIPPED.