Dracula Vampira – Orchid Plant – Indigenous to Colombia


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a magnificent species named for its resemblance to a bat, this larger plant has 8″-10″ leaves with successive blooming 12″ spikes, 6″ flowers with rounded fused greenish sepals are radially striped in purple/black nearly obscuring its basil color, tails are a reddish black, the creamy white lip is spoon shaped with pinkish yellow veins


  • Size: Blooming Size (mature flowering size plant) / Blooming Season: Free Flowering Throughout the Year
  • Mount: 4″ Basket / Temperature: Cool to Intermediate; 48F min. to 78F max.
  • Lighting: Shade; 500-1500 Footcandles (indirect low light,slight shadowing)
  • Water Care: Daily Watering;1 or more waterings per day (should not dry out)